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What sets us apart

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Our business model revolves around working closely with Small and Medium sized Enterprises to develop strategies that are as radical and creative as they are practical, cost-effective and action-oriented. This model is based upon five basic principles, viz,

1. Experience and cross-cutting Skills of our people

Our carefully chosen core team comprises seasoned and talented professionals combining a rare blend of broad commercial knowledge, specialised skills and hands-on experience, and singular commitment which will provide our clients with practical solutions and cross-industry perspectives to empower them with skills that will enable them to produce blue prints for successful management of both current and emergent risks on their own.

2. A Passion For Excellence, Our Clients, And Their Businesses

The relatively small size of our firm ensures that the decision making process is quick and efficient. We further ensure that the marketing of our services is done by the same consultants who will carry out delivery, unlike the big firms where partners market while associates and junior consultants deliver. This is the key strategy that we use to guarantee delivery of our services. Within this paradigm, we have a burning passion for excellence and customers which we fully deploy to assist our clients in building on its business plans.

3. Knowledge of the regional Market

Members of our team have over the years been engaged in similar or near-similar assignments in East and Central Africa and have therefore acquired substantial knowledge on the working of the East African economies. The assignments have been cross-cutting in terms of industry both in public and private sectors.

In addition, the broad experience of our team enables us to borrow best practice in other sectors/regions to complement be sector-specific experience in arriving at the best solutions for each undertaking.

4.Partnership with Management


5. Integrated Approach


6. International affiliation